Alfiya Sailaubayeva - ELSA Russia - 20.07.2015 - 15.08.2015

My STEP traineeship in Baku did broaden my horizon, introduced me to the world of e-governance and upleveled my professional skills. Working 4 weeks in ASAN service in summer 2015 I managed to conduct a research dedicated to 3 different but well-developed countries in the framework of e-governance, had international work experience and found very good friends of mine. No doubt STEP is an opportunty you should take at least once and, I promise, you will never forget it! The world of Azerbaijani hospitality will fascinate you and conquer your heart.

Noemi Bilotta - ELSA Italy - 10.10.2015 - 04.11.2015

ELSA Azerbaijan was special. I think I found a family, not just a group. They realized all my dreams, all my needs. My STEP experience was amazing! I learnt so many things about Azerbaijan but also some peculiarities I didn’t know about Italian system. After work I used to meet up with people to eat, walk, go to the theatre, cinema, shopping and see the city. I felt like a local! It was so special that I tried to postpone my VISA’s deadline in order to stay more in Baku but it was impossible. So, I came back to Italy: with the new friends in my heart and one of the best experiences in my life!

Bartek Igor Szlezak - ELSA Frankfurt

During my traineeship in Baku i had a great opportunity to get to know both new culture and fantastic friends. Apart from the insight in work of ASAN i was invited to go for a weekend with ASAN trainees to the Azeri mountains. We stayed 3 days in a 5-star hotel doing a training offered by the organization. Altogether it was a beautiful experience that helped me once again to put a step forward, what had a great impact on my career. Thank god for STEP.