The International Board of ELSA is elected by the International Council Meeting and is elected for a term of one year. The International board lives and works full-time at ELSA’s Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

AnnaAnna Haipola – President
My name is Anna Haipola and I come from Jyväskylä, Finland, a city known for education and beautiful nature with numerous lakes and forests. I have been studying law in the University of Turku for three years, and before that I studied French interpretation and translation for one academic year. Throughout my life I have been keen on spending my free time getting to know new people through various hobbies such as scouting and singing. Moreover, I am fascinated by languages and cultures. It was therefore a natural step for me to join ELSA once I got enrolled in the faculty of law. My ELSA career begun in the local board of ELSA Turku as a Vice President for Seminars & Conferences in 2013. In the same year I got elected for the same position in ELSA Finland. After a year in the National Board a spark for the Board Management, External Relations and Expansion area had ignited. My term as the President of ELSA Finland 2014/2015 was by far the most rewarding and filled with unforgettable moments with the Network both in Finland and internationally, something that keeps inspiring me time after time. As the President of ELSA International I will coordinate the work of ELSA International by supporting the rest of the board and our activities. I will also work closely with our partners and other stakeholders and focus on the quantitative and qualitative expansion of the Network. I have high expectations for the upcoming year in Brussels and I am looking forward to the time of our lives. My fellow board members are ambitious and motivated, which makes it a pleasure to work with them on a daily basis, experiencing something new every day.

HectorHector Tsamis – Secretary General
My name is Hector Tsamis and I have been born and bred in Thessaloniki, the nymph of the Thermaic Gulf and the second largest city of Greece. Currently, I am a senior undergraduate student in the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an educational institution dedicated to the great Greek philosopher and scientist, Aristotle. As of August 1st, 2015, I have the honour and the pleasure to serve as the Secretary General of ELSA International for the term 2015/2016. My ELSA experience began in the early years of my student life. In 2011, ELSA engraved in my mind and in my heart and thus I joined the local board of ELSA Thessaloniki as the Secretary General for the term 2013/2014. Keen to continue developing as an officer in ELSA, I was elected Secretary General of ELSA Greece and was appointed as one of the two Directors for Human Resources of ELSA International during the last term. Before ELSA, I was involved in various other activities that were also transpired by the principles of international interaction and the values emerging from the protection of human rights. Nonetheless, the professional character and the continuous commitment to a responsible position triggered my interest. Besides that, the opportunity of sharing a common objective and of being creative in various ways is what embraced me from the first moment. As Secretary General, I will be in charge of the Internal Management, an area that ensures the smooth implementation of structural regulations and, thus, the efficient running of functions. Notwithstanding, IM is a fully operational nucleus ready to channel energy to the rest of the ELSA atom. During this term, I am going to focus on quality evaluation, development of the area of trainings, human resources, network communication and knowledge management, always bearing in mind the motto “Managing internally, succeeding externally.”

MarekMarek Škultéty – Treasurer

Only two things are certain – death and Taxes.Originally coming from Košice, Slovakia, I am a 24 year old law graduate currently finishing his second Master’s degree in economics in the heart of Moravia – at the Masaryk University of Brno, Czech Republic. Due to my focus in financial matters, and an affection for taxes, I have found myself the most comfortable taking up the role of the ELSA´s Treasurer – first as the National treasurer of ELSA Czech Republic for the terms 13/14 and 14/15, and currently as the Treasurer of ELSA International for the term 15/16. What I love about ELSA is the overcoming of both territorial and social borders in order to function together as a multi-national association – for example the feeling of accomplishment during our international meetings, when a consensus is reached after a long and diverse debate. And it is exactly this cultural exchange and international aspect of ELSA which helps me to stay motivated. During my term I will focus on transferring the knowledge accumulated during my economic studies into the Financial Management of ELSA, particularly on the further development of the long term financial planning in collaboration with the Network. In addition to my focus, I will naturally execute the day to day tasks of a person responsible for the finances such as accounting, budgeting or capital and liquidity management. And finally, I will strive to provide the national officers with a balanced portion of professionalism and motivation.

DagneDagne Sabockyte – Vice President for Marketing

My name is Dagne Sabockyte and I am the Vice President for Marketing of ELSA International for the term 2015/2016. I am from the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden, but my origins are in the heart of Lithuania. Currently I am in my fifth and last year of law studies. Besides travelling, experiencing different cultures, having good long conversations with my friends, ELSA is definitely one of my biggest interests. ELSA gave my law studies the international touch I was always seeking and it provided me with opportunities to experience new things. Moreover, it gave me a great platform to develop myself both personally and professionally. My ELSA experience started in 2012, when I became the Director for Marketing in the local group of ELSA Stockholm and since then I have had several positions within the area of marketing, both as local and national ELSA Officer. This year, I am more than happy to continue working for ELSA on the international level of our association. As the Vice President for Marketing of ELSA International I will be working with the promotion of ELSA’s projects and coordinating its communication channels to make sure that even more law students and young lawyers discover ELSA and the great opportunities it provides. I am sure that together with this great network of ambitious and dedicated people, we can take ELSA to a new level.

AntoniaAntonia Markoviti – Vice President for Academic Activities

My name is Antonia Markoviti, I am 20 years old and I am the second Greek in the ELSA House this year. Coming from Greece automatically brings in mind sun and sea; however I come from Naoussa, a northern Greek city famous for its forests, ski-resort and the School of Aristotle. Before moving to Brussels I lived for three years at the multicultural city of Thessaloniki as a Bachelor Law student at the Aristotle University. It may sound very trite but after a few weeks in Law School it is easy to realize that the university opportunities for further knowledge and practice are limited and often not effective. In the same time, thanks to our diversity, you meet people very willing to contribute to change this, brainstorm, create something tangible and be part of an internationally oriented community. Simply this is ELSA; the educational incentive, the international spirit, the lifetime experience. After being local and national Vice President for Academic Activities (ΑΑ) and local President I understood that one step further means offering motivation and opportunities to the thousands of people of the world’s largest law students’ association. Quite inspiring! My contribution this year will be mostly seen in the field of organizing international AΑ projects, which have as focal point the law students themselves and their active participation via legal research, legal writing and generally via other actions for an effective exercise of our legal skills. Simultaneously, besides project management I will be in charge of coordinating a big network which organizes a huge number of these valuable activities.

AdaAda Gawrysiak – Vice President for Moot Court Competitions

My name is Ada Gawrysiak. I finished my third year as a law student at the Jagiellonian University in the city of culture and art called Kraków, Poland. During my time in ELSA, I faced many challenges which helped me to push my limits and develop myself more than I could ever imagine. What is the most important – I have learned that ordinary people together can do extraordinary things. From the beginning of my ELSA adventure my work was fully focused on Moot Courts. I saw that by this kind of competitions we can give students and young lawyers the unique opportunity to present their legal knowledge to the professionals in front of whom they never dreamt of standing. We bring them to the headquarters of the WTO and to the European Court of Human Rights. That is why I am able to describe Moot Courts in one word – outstanding. I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding Moot Court Competitions through my years in ELSA, organizing them on local and national levels. Moreover, I was involved in organization of the ELSA Moot Court Competition on the WTO law (EMC2) for a two years now. Firstly, as a part of the Organizing Committee, then as an Assistant for the EMC2. I was present twice at the Final Oral Round in Geneva. I saw people from around the world fighting equally for their future as a trade law lawyers. Such experience stays with you forever and keeps you motivated. In the term of the International Board 2015/2016 my main responsibilities will be organizing the 14th edition of the ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law, and the 4th edition of the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition. I will put all my efforts in leading them to a great success. Moreover, my role will be to provide ELSA Officers with know-how about Moot Courts organization and always assist them with advice if needed. Let’s spread the word about mooting among our whole Network!

MatejMatej Sadloň – Vice President for Seminars & Conferences

My name is Matej Sadloň. I am a 22 year old law student from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It seems to me as it was yesterday, when I came into contact with ELSA for the first time. However, this was almost five years ago. The time I have spent with ELSA gave me a lot of opportunities. I have seen many European countries, I have met many different people from all over the world, I have worked on many different projects, I have experienced a truly multicultural network and lived the ELSA spirit. All these aspects of ELSA are amazing, but there is one huge plus that only this organisation may provide for all the law students and that is the development of their legal skills. I strongly believe that only ELSA may provide law students a unique chance to experience the most intensive educational events combining the cultural programme with the scientific programme based on a practical skill training. A lot of the universities in Europe provide only a basic education for their students. Moreover, it is very hard for a student to decide after a few years of law studies, in which field of law to specialize. Luckily, there is ELSA and its key areas, which offer a huge spectrum of practical trainings, seminars, discussions, internships, etc. Therefore, I think our organisation plays a crucial role in the education and perfection of the law students not only in Europe, but also out of it. In connection with the best law firms, public institutions, NGOs, Universities, International institutions and professionals from all over the world, our network has a great chance to be the leading organisation in the extra university education for students and young lawyers. These facts convinced me to dedicate one whole year for the association. For the term 2015/2016 I will be responsible for the overall coordination of the activities in the area of Seminars and Conferences, helping the national and local officers to strive towards common goals and to be motivated to contribute to the legal education.

VedranVedran Stanković – Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme

My name is Vedran Stanković and I am the Vice President for STEP – Student Trainee Exchange Programme of ELSA International in the term 2015/2016. I’m a 25 year old law student and I come from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, where I study law and where I have started my ELSA career. Realizing the great impact that ELSA has on law students, young lawyers and the society in general, I decided that I want to give my own contribution to its growth and development and be involved in its organization. That’s why ELSA has been an integral part of my life for more than 5 years, providing me with a lot of unique opportunities, experiences and networks and making me a better person and professional. I decided to dedicate myself to STEP after realizing that STEP represents everything that ELSA itself stands for – contributing to legal education, providing opportunities to learn about different legal systems and cultures, encouraging young people to foster mutual understanding and preparing them for working and living in an international environment. I am excited to have the opportunity to develop the area of STEP this year, contribute to its expansion and to provide support to all of the STEP officers in the Network – that is how we can enhance STEP image as a unique, professional and global brand towards both our members and partners.